Guesthouse Nýp was created to be a cultural meeting place and events center for artists and friends.

Our schedule this summer is:

Art Project Dalir og hólar – 2014 – LITUR (color)

Opening Saturday, July 5, 15:00 in Ólafsdalur

July 5 – August 10

Exhibition in Reykhólasveit and Dalabyggð, 
West Iceland
Bjarki Bragason, 
Eygló Harðardóttir, 
Logi Bjarnason
, Gerd Tinglum, 
Tumi Magnússon
Curators: Sólveig Aðalsteinsdóttir and Þóra Sigurðardóttir

Dalir og hólar–2014–LITUR uses abandoned houses and open spaces at eclectic sites in western Iceland to exhibit art work. Litur (color) is the theme. The artists wish to engage with the inhabitants of this remote area, to contribute to local culture, share international contemporary art, and for everyone to enjoy the area’s spectacular scenery in the process.

For more information please click here.

Art Project Dalir og hólar, installation by Cai Ulrich von Platen, Stadarholl, Iceland 2012.

Art Project Dalir og hólar – 2012 – Journey, installation by Cai Ulrich von Platen, Staðarhóll, Iceland.


Nýp Seaweed Seminars

Sunday, July 13, & Tuesday, July 15.

This summer we’ll have our first Seaweed Seminars, exploring vegetables of the sea–edible algae–along the coastline of Breiðafjörður with marine biologist Karl Gunnarsson, and afterwards enjoy the culinary possibilities of Icelandic seaweed with Kuniko Ibayashi Changchien. Kuniko is from Hokkaido, the seaweed capital of Japan, and she will be flying in from Tokyo to join us.



12:00 Meet at Tjarnarlundur next to Staðarhólskirkja, 1.6km west on Route 590 – Klofningsvegur
12:15 Walk & discover marine life along Salthólmavík beach (close to the Ásar farm)
13:00 Harvest seaweed with Karl
14:30 Refreshments @ Guesthouse Nýp
15:00 Seaweed presentation by Karl
16:30 Cooking demonstration by Kuniko and discover “umami”
18:30 Seaweed dinner

Kunkiko Ibayashi Changchien  prepares seaweed at home in Tokyo.

 Kuniko Ibayashi Changchien prepares seaweed at home in Tokyo.

Read more about the Nýp Seaweed Seminar, Karl, Kuniko, and the program here.


Nýp Events Info

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Driving to Guesthouse Nýp

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It’s very easy to drive to Nýp: go north on Ring Road N.1, turn left onto Route 60 heading north west, and left again on Route 590, a gravel road named Klofningsvegur. We are 15.8 km ahead on the left.

Google street view of Guesthouse Nýp

The nearest gas station or store is an hour’s drive back on Route 60 to Búðardalur, or an hour’s drive north to Reykhólar, or north east to Hólmavík.



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